A Delicious Tradition: Galicia Day at Olea
week of July 25th

Each year in July we celebrate Galicia Day and the Santiago Apóstol holiday (St. James’ Day) in Galicia, Spain, the region along the Atlantic Ocean on the northwest edge of the country, known for its beauty, history, and delicious traditional cuisine.

Galicia Day, dating back to the early 1900s, is the autonomous region’s national holiday. It’s celebrated on July 25th, the holiday honoring St. James the Apostle, the patron saint of Galicia and its capital city, Santiago de Compostela, where the saint’s remains were discovered and are now buried in the cathedral.

To celebrate Galicia Day and the Santiago Apóstol holiday, Chef Manuel Romero will offer a special menu of Galician specialties the week of July 25th.


sardinas  grilled sardines, corn empanada, broccoli rabe purée, onions, tomato, red peppers / $14


vieiras  grilled sea scallops, onions, tomato, ibérico ham, potato foam, spanish paprika / $30

merluza  pan seared hake, cauliflower purée, potato, garlic, sofrito, aged sherry vinegar, herbs aioli, spanish paprika / $27


tarta de santiago  traditional almond tart, coffee, lemon, orujo / $10